WORK TOGETHER —Early involvement of stakeholders and design team

SET GOALS EARLY —Energy and water reduction goals are set at the beginning of the project with consensus reached by all stakeholders

HEAVY DESIGN WORK UPFRONT—Schematic design and design development phases are much longer with many analyses and decision making which reduces duration for the construction document phase
DAYLIGHTING - Enhances occupant comfort, boost worker performance and reduces utility costs when properly designed.

ENERGY—Energy efficient building shell, high efficiency HVAC systems and equipment, demand-side reduction, process/plug load reduction, renewable energy systems, efficient lighting w/ sensors, sophisticated metering & remote energy management system

WATER—On-site stormwater management using bioswales and constructed wetlands, harvesting rainwater for reuse, on-site wastewater treatment, low-flow fixtures, no irrigation.

AIR QUALITY—Higher air quality standards by specifying environmentally benign materials and finishes, properly designing ventilation systems, prioritizing mold prevention measures and installing pollutant sensors to control fresh-air make-up.
POST-OCCUPANCY—Our designers get involved after occupancy for proper use, operation and maintenance of the building. We acquire energy and water bills after occupancy to comapre to the design cases and alert the owner if disparity is found.
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Green Senior Housing
The concept of sustainable development reflects an understanding that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Innovative Design is strongly committed to designing facilities that not only embrace the concept of sustainability, but are, in themselves, teaching tools for sustainability.

As a leader in sustainable and energy-efficient design since 1977,
Innovative Design has shown expertise in sustainable design in:
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