Although the idea of daylighting seems simple, the design behind the idea is complex. Innovative Design evaluates the orientation of the building glazing and determines an optimum amount of glazing for each space using highly specialized computer software (Daysim). Data gathered allows us to optimize glazed areas and provide a quantifiable amount of lighting into each space. Providing too much light, or an improper distribution of light in a space will lead to excessive energy consumption, glare, and contrast problems. Typically, our daylit spaces only use natural lighting for two-thirds of the daytime.
Benefits of proper glare-free, daylighting design is that electric lighting can be utilized only to supplement the daylight, saving on initial costs and on-going electricity consumption. By optimizing to peak cooling conditions, cooling equipment size can actually be decreased by up to 25%. Daylight, when properly utilized, satisfies the same lighting requirement as produced with florescent fixtures but with only one half the amount of heat.


Savings from Daylighting/Roof Assembly Design:

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Peak Cooling Reduction
Lighting Savings
Energy Savings