Water Conservation

Innovative Design’s unique experience with water reclamation and conservation, both as an architect and consultant, assures building owners and staff that these are proven and easily maintained technologies. Innovative Design approaches this issue from supply and demand sides.
A holistic analysis of the water cycle is a part of every project, including:
-Fixtures specified to minimize water consumption without affecting performance;
-Process water needs assessed early for potential conservation;
-Rainwater collected from rooftop and used for irrigation and non-potable demands;
-Cooling Tower water use, treatment, are reuse;
-Stormwater runoff minimized through site design;
-Landscaping chosen to minimize short-term and eliminate long-term irrigation needs
We are well-experienced with rainwater collection systems, which not only capture water but also capture the cost savings associated with that water. More importantly, it provides the building occupants with a wonderful lesson in the value and importance of conserving and protecting water resources. They will learn about the cost of water, how much energy it takes to treat and transport water, the benefits that can be realized by reducing stormwater leaving the site, and the environmental consequences of not addressing water shortage problems in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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