Innovative Design is dedicated to providing the best possible learning, working, and living places for our clients. Our design process prioritizes integrated design, cost and schedule management, and proven green building design systems. We believe these strategies are the key to building owner and occupant satisfaction, and that Innovative Design is best able to provide these services.

Integrated Design

Innovative Design’s focus on integrated design throughout the design process ensures that Owner program and requirements are considered by all team members and in the most successful and effective means possible. This process involves:
• Early and continued involvement between owner stakeholders and the design team;
• Setting performance goals at the beginning of the design;
• Systems and design analysis during schematic design and design development;
• Post-occupancy monitoring of systems performance to ensure goals are met.

Green Building Design

Our green building services not only represent our environmental stewardship, but also provide our clients with healthy, enjoyable, and efficient facilities.
• Daylighting enhances occupant comfort, boosts worker performance, and reduces utility costs.
• Energy performance is considered as part of every design decision, resulting in a high-performance building that saves utility costs and facilitates maintenance work.
• Water conservation is part of site and building design, reducing utility costs and preventing problems due to periods of drought and water restrictions.
• Air Quality standards are a priority for building materials and mechanical systems to ensure occupant health and productivity.

Cost and Schedule Management

Innovative Design is dedicated to keeping our projects within budget and on time. We respect the needs of our clients to meet construction, design, and utility cost expectations.
• Construction Costs – Over the past fifteen years, completed construction costs of our new facilities have averaged 5% below budget.
• Design Costs -Innovative Design is able to meet high performance building certification standards without additional design or construction cost to the owner.
• Utility Costs – Our facilities have typically consumed one-third to one-half the energy and water as compared to standard projects of comparable programs.

Good design is by nature sustainable.