Innovative Design was formed in 1977 as a firm that would focus solely on producing energy-efficient, environmentally-sound designs. Our designs routinely incorporate daylighting, solar water heating, photovoltaics, solar cooling, wind, rainwater harvesting, constructed wetlands, environmentally-sound waste treatment strategies and numerous healthy building materials. Worldwide, Innovative Design is known for our expertise in daylighting, solar energy and rainwater harvesting.

Solar Consulting

Innovative Design has extensive experience in solar thermal system design, with hundreds of projects incorporating solar water heating, space heating systems, and solar driven absorption cooling systems.

Daylighting consulting

For over three decades, Innovative Design has focused on dayligting design. Because of our expertise, we are now considered by many to be the country’s leading firm in optimum daylighting design. Key to our success is our in-house energy modeling capability using sofware such as Illuminance or Daysim. Unlike most other architectural firms, we conduct our own daylighting simulations and analysis and are able to provide quality customed, project-specific daylighing consulting services to A&E firms around the country.

Energy Consulting

Innovative Design utilizes the most advanced analytical tools available for whole-building energy analysis. Because Innovative Design is an architectural firm, our focus is to seek out programs that truly help us in our design process, not just provide the mechanical equipment size at the end of CDs. Innovative Design has utilized the numerous programs in order to analyze our own building designs as well as the designs of other engineers and architects:
eQUEST and TRNSYS are the main programs we currently utilize for our whole-building simulations and thermal performance analysis. We recently developed a Daysim/eQUEST Workshop for engineers and architects in which we detailed the process by which the results from Daysim can be utilized within eQUEST to better simulate the actual performance of daylighting strategies.
Our green consulting services extend to:
Hosting design charrette and project goal setting sessions
Energy analysis using eQuest, TRNSYS, Ecotect and other software
Daylighting simulation using Daysim and recommend optimal daylighting design
Design review throughout the design phase
LEED documentation and certification
Green product input/specifications
Holistic water cycle design including rainwater reuse and grey/wastewater treatment
Solar and renewable energy design
LCA and carboon footprint analysis
Construction shop drawing review for green products and systems



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