May 7, 2021

For Immediate Release

Innovative Design 2.0

Mike Nicklas, FAIA and Gary Bailey, AIA founded Innovative Design, Inc., a unique architecture firm dedicated to utilizing solar and energy efficiency technologies as integral components of their practice.

Over forty-four years, Innovative Design helped establish what became ‘green’, ‘high performance’, or ‘sustainable’ architecture with thousands of solar homes, schools, offices, churches, renovations, design guidelines, consultations, research projects, solar farms, and inventions.

The first chapter of Innovative Design concluded at the end of March 2021 when Mike and Gary retired.


Our second chapter, Innovative Design 2.0, will continue building on their legacy of innovation and sustainable design while adding new services and technologies.

Innovative Design 2.0 is led by Louis Gerics, AIA, NCARB, Brian Koh, AIA, LEED AP, WELL AP, Pascale Rosemain-Trebeau, DPLG, and Laura Baily. Lou, Brian and Pascale are long time Innovative Design staff and have been part of the ID ownership and leadership team for over a decade. They will be joined by Laura Bailey, who has collaborated with us previously.

Lou is the longest tenured member of Innovative Design, surpassed only by Mike and Gary. He has worked with ID for thirty-seven years on a wide variety of projects including homes, schools, offices, churches, and renovations. He is one of the Solar Power Roof inventors and has chaired the NC Solar Energy Association.

Brian has been with Innovative Design for eighteen years and has extensive educational design experience. A native of Korea, he has twenty-seven years in the profession and is an expert in zero-energy building design, integrated façade design, and carbon footprint analysis of buildings. He was the chair of USGBC North Carolina Chapter.

Pascale is a native of Martinique and has been an integral part of Innovative Design for fourteen years. She has twenty-three years of expertise in sustainable design, daylit architecture, interior design, experiential design and 3-D modeling. Pascale heads our daylighting analysis team.

Laura has been an interior designer for five years. She has thirty years of experience in construction management prior to shifting her career path to interior design and has been a green design advocate for over two decades. Prior to relocating to North Carolina, she worked on building Innovative Design projects in Nevada.

Our new services will include green interior design and Laura will head that effort.

New technologies will include an integrated wall system that Brian helped develop over the last several years, carbon footprint analysis and modular architecture.

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